How we started….

I originally came up with the idea of a magnetic puzzle while accompanying my mother at the doctors office,  In the waiting room there was a jigsaw puzzle on a table for anyone to use, she said she could not do puzzles anymore because it hurt to bend over... as is the case with traditional puzzles.  

I thought "what if we could create a magnetic puzzle with a stand that can be used upright for those having trouble bending over?"  Hence, Heads Up Puzzles was born!  We have since created over 100,000 magnetic puzzles.    


What we do….

Heads Up Puzzles creates custom magnetic puzzles, as well as providing stock puzzles available via our online store.  

We also service wholesale gift shops looking for a custom souvenir puzzle, as well as corporate buyers looking for a unique fund raising, team building or promotional tool.

Every project is different, and we invite you to work with us, to create your puzzle memory!

We thank you for stopping by and hope you find our puzzles fun, unique and inspiring!

How we do it….

Our puzzles are made in the USA, in Bellevue, WA just east of Seattle. Our puzzle materials are of the highest grade and are also manufactured here in the USA.

Our stock images are all 300 dpi resolution or higher and provide a crisp clear and vibrant puzzle.  When submitting custom photos, we encourage our customers to also submit the highest quality images to obtain a similar high resolution result.  

​Depending on the size of the project we often turn around orders within a few days.