Consumer Puzzles

Turn that special image into a Custom Magnetic Puzzle which can be displayed for all to enjoy makes for a wonderful gift!  Your Life, Your Puzzle!

  • Wedding, Graduation
  • Holiday Events, Parties
  • Portraits, PetsRomance
  • Fun, Zany, Eccentric, Artsy 

Wholesale Puzzles

Great for Gift Shops, Photo Sites, Souvenir Shops & Weddings.

  • Museums
  • Monuments & National Parks
  • Resorts,Travel,
  • Cruise Ships
  • Attractions
  • Theme Parks

Corporate Puzzles

​Create a Unique Experience.

Inspire through Puzzles!

  • Promotions
  • Fundraising
  • Event Coordinators
  • Team Building
  • ​Corporate Coaching
  • Wall Puzzles

Inspire through Puzzles!

Our unique Custom Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles provide the ability for the puzzles to be displayed on a wall or with an upright stand for all to see and enjoy, hence the name "Heads Up Puzzles".  Our puzzles are Made in the USA in fact are produced right near Seattle, WA and do we ship internationally.  We can take your image can create a puzzle for you.  Whether you are a corporation looking to create a unique experience or promote a brand, a wholesale business wanting to resell your own custom puzzle, or perhaps you are a consumer simply looking for a fun and unique gift in a personal photo puzzle we have a great offering for you.  We continually hear creative ways people are using our magnetic  jigsaw puzzles - be the next one to create a puzzle and share your experience.   Thank you for visiting.

, Monuments

Nest DMC commissions Heads Up Puzzles for Dream Board Puzzle

Nest DMC working with Heads Up Puzzles created a huge dream board puzzle for Novartis Pharmaceuticals.  1800 employees signed magnetic tiles and participated in a wonderful team building event.      (listen to chester elton audio) 

Recent Project

Dream Board Wall Puzzle

  • chester elton 101711:51