Individual Magnetic Photo Puzzles

Turn that special image into a custom magnetic puzzle which can be displayed for all to enjoy, makes for a wonderful gift!  Your Life, Your Puzzle!

  • Online Store
  • Wedding, Graduation
  • Holiday Events, Parties
  • Portraits, PetsRomance

Custom Magnetic Wholesale Puzzles

​Provide us your image to promote and present your puzzle using our bulk ordering service.

  • Company Promotions
  • MuseumsMonuments
  • National Parks, Resorts,Travel,
  • Artists, Cruise Ships
  • AttractionsTheme Parks

Magnetic Wall Puzzles

​Provide us your image to inspire with a large format puzzle!

  • Fundraising , Capital Campaigns
  • Special Events
  • Team Building, Team Spirit
  • Community Awareness

Inspire through Puzzles!

Our unique Custom Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzles provide the ability for the puzzles to be displayed on a wall or with an upright stand for all to see and enjoy, hence the name "Heads Up Puzzles".  Our puzzles are made in Bellevue, WA just outside Seattle.  We can take your image and create your custom puzzle.  Whether you are looking to create a unique team building experience, a fundraising vehicle, promote a brand or simply submit a custom image of your family or favorite pet;  we can create a fun unique puzzle to suit your needs.   We continually hear creative ways people are using our magnetic puzzles.  Thank you for visiting.

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